Growing Through Giving

Our model of business is Growing through Giving.  Giving time and giving resources. We believe that we can deliver quality services and design websites while making a difference in the world and helping people in real struggles and real difficulties.

We are partnering with charities and organizations to help troubled kids as well as widows and orphans.  10% of top line revenue will be given to these charities annually. Over the next three years, we hope to increase this amount to 20% of all revenue.

Second, every person involved in Adopt-A-Press will have some area of service in which they can help their community care and love for those less fortunate.

Our Commitment To Change The World

Safe-Harbor-Header-Logo-v2Safe Harbor is dedicated to educating communities about the dangers that face today’s young people, and to restoring families who have been negatively affected by their teenager’s behavior.

The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) resources, supports and networks Advocates and Churches across the nation, helping them grow sustainable foster care ministries in their communities.  TFI Advocates and Churches mobilize the Body of Christ through service projects, mentoring and family support initiatives.