We know that moving websites can be complex.  We try to take the pain out of that for you.  Here are a few common questions that may help ease the pain.

What is maintenance and why would I want it?

For information on maintenance and our programs visit Adopt-A-Press.

How is Adopt-A-Press different from my other host or management solution?

Adopt-A-Press is different in 3 ways.

1) Personalized Service – You are getting a tested and semi-custom designed theme that you can own and grow as you wish.  Many templates you could buy don’t come with someone to help build it, or other systems are more limited in what they provide.

2) Contracts – There are no on-going fees, licenses or long-term contracts with Adopt-A-Press.  Your commitment is month to month.

3) Committment to Giving – Our company is committed to giving and supporting charities that are helping real people and seek to bring greater awareness to the needs of troubled teens, widows and orphans.

Can I get just management services and not hosting?

At this time Adopt-A-Press requires hosting for a variety of reasons.  The primary reason is different hosts use different systems for their backend management.  To be efficient and keep costs low for you, we choose to work within our most comfortable environment with our host.  If you need a good host and have needs that exceed our hosting ability, we would be able to support anyone who uses A Small Orange (our host) as their host.

Can I host email w/ Adopt-A-Press?

Yes, you can house your email on our servers in the price of your hosting account. However, we highly recommend using Google Apps for email hosting.  Their spam control and services are great for small business and we recommend them.  Their email addresses are 5.00/month per address.

Can I get FTP Access?

Yes, if you need to access FTP, an account can be set up for you.  If you like to do your own work on your WordPress website, you can work on it yourself and we can assist with management as needed.

What charities are supported by Adopt-A-Press?

Lean all about who we support and why on this page [Philanthropy]

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